We Have Your Data—Have You Seen It?

January 27th, 2020

Medical records

Capturing data is easier than ever. Today’s challenge is putting that data to use in ways that allow an organization to implement change. And that’s where the concept of real-time data comes into play.

Real-time data is defined as information that is delivered and presented as soon as it is acquired, so there is no delay in the timeliness of the information. EBMS is actively engaged in bringing real-time data to your benefits plan.

Take our miBenefits portal, for example. One feature that’s been a runaway hit with brokers and plan sponsors is the real-time alerts. When a key event happens, you learn about it immediately – not days or weeks later. You’re notified when a member incurs a high-dollar claim, when a claims check run is complete, and when a new report is available. Then, wherever you are, you can get more details through the miBenefits portal or mobile app. This is a platform that engages you, and not the other way around – thanks to real-time data.

But there’s more.

EBMS is one of the only TPAs in the country providing real-time claims and plan data with the goal of empowering brokers and plan sponsors to be proactive, rather than reactive. This data is always available to you – along with analytics capabilities. For free. For everyone.

If you work with EBMS, you have access to your data, plus the ability to generate customized reports. In the past, data analytics was optional and came with a price tag, but EBMS considers these insights so important to a plan’s success that we’ve made our miInsights solution free for brokers and plan sponsors.

Are you using your data? It can change your plan – for the better.

“Real-time data shows where more attention is needed, before a small problem becomes a huge headache, and potentially a huge cost to the plan fund,” says Laura Rookhuizen, EBMS healthcare informatics analyst. “Traditional quarterly reports are essentially hindsight – a look at what happened in the past three months rather than what’s happening now.”

One area where real-time data really shines is in population health. We’re talking about timely information that can stop a negative trend in its tracks.

For example, let’s say your data shows a rising rate of hospitalizations among diabetic patients. Even midway through a plan year, you can proactively identify at-risk individuals and guide them toward new disease-management programs.

This is why there is such a strong relationship between population health data and benefit plan design. A real-time approach to claims data can pinpoint utilization patterns as they are emerging – not after the fact. It lets plan sponsors proactively change the way a plan addresses both primary care and complex treatment issues.

At EBMS, we’ve paired real-time data with better analytics capabilities so information is readily available to both brokers and plan sponsors. “Managing benefits is critical to an organization,” Laura says. “You want to be sure you’re well positioned to act on the claims data you collect from your population.”

Are you using the data that is sitting there, already available on your plan or your clients’ plans? If not, simply ask your account manager to help you, and let’s get you started using the rich data available to you.