Reporting and Analytic Solutions


The miInsights solution harnesses the power of big data to enhance plan performance. EBMS is one of the only third-party administrators using reporting and analytics tools in this way.

miInsights Benefits

  • Your Blueprint
  • Executive Analytics
    as a Core Service
  • Healthcare Information
  • Population Health
    Management Tools

Your Blueprint Strategy

Your business goals and member needs change over time. That’s why we provide a personalized blueprint strategy periodically, as a core service. The blueprint strategy is a review compiled with data from miInsights. It is broken down by clinical data, financial data, and year-over-year trends. It allows us to see what is driving or detracting from ROI, so we can adjust your plan design.

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EBMS miInsights Blueprint Strategy data analytics

Executive Analytics as a Core Service

We believe in the power of data so strongly that we’ve made our executive analytics solution available to all of our clients, as a core service of every plan. Plan sponsors can now generate custom reports instantly on a self-serve basis, by entering any combination of parameters. The process is automated, eliminating the need to pre-program the query.

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EBMS miInsights Executive Analytics and data benefit plan reporting

Healthcare Information Strategists

Once you have that data, how do you use it strategically? Our enhanced and premium levels of service within the miInsights solution provide the option to receive guidance from plan analysts or healthcare information strategists. These experts can run more intensive reports and turn your data into business intelligence—so you can make more strategic decisions regarding your benefit plan.

EBMS healthcare information strategists on-site data analysts

Population Health Management Tools

Population health management (PHM) is a leading strategy for dealing with chronic health conditions, to improve health outcomes and control spending. Our PHM tools allow you to assess the impact of health interventions, identify under- or over-utilization of health services, and monitor compliance with existing standards of care.

EBMS miInsights population health management tools benefit plan


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The miInsights
Premium Solution

At the Premium level, miInsights adds the skill and expertise of on-staff healthcare informatics strategists, who can analyze your data in ways you didn’t know were possible. The result? Detailed reports that guide your decision-making and answer questions you may not have thought to ask.

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How does miInsights Premium data
drive cost-containment?

When you transform raw data into business intelligence, you:

  • Gain financial overviews of your plan
  • Identify future high-dollar claims
  • Implement effective risk-mitigation strategies
  • Implement more effective population health management strategies

Big Data in Action

Data can show you so much detail about your benefit plan. Here are just two examples of how it works:

Preventing unnecessary costs
If data reveals a trend of preventable ER visits, we can add services that ensure members have access to primary care—such as telemedicine or an on-site clinic. A trend of unnecessary hospital readmissions might call for a modified case management solution to better manage transitions of care.

Treating at-risk populations
If data reveals that populations of patients with chronic conditions are missing primary-care appointments or not filling prescriptions on time, we can add miCare Enhanced Case Management or personalized pharmacy solutions to optimize treatment outcomes.

Case Studies

Find out how our clients are using data to improve lives and contain costs.

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How Do I Get Started?

Are you ready to harness the power of big data, to measure plan performance and make strategic decisions about plan design? EBMS is just one phone call away. We’ll assess your current plan and discuss ways to move forward, according to your business goals. Let us design a custom plan for you, or customize your existing EBMS plan.

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