Healthcare Solutions


The miCare solution is based on the concept that improving access to care and coordinating care will keep members healthier. The result is a more productive workforce, reduced use of high-dollar health services, and lower costs to the plan.

Current members:

If your plan sponsor currently offers a miCare Health Center, login to the miBenefits portal to:

  • Make an appointment
  • Schedule a lab draw
  • Connect with a doctor

Does your plan sponsor
offer telemedicine?

Members can receive medical care and prescriptions for minor acute conditions after consulting with a board-certified doctor by phone or online. The program expands access to care and costs less than visits to the doctor’s office.

EBMS miCare benefit plan provider healthcare telemedicine

Choose the level of care management that’s right for you

Every EBMS benefit plan includes the miCare core services. Everything else can be added at your discretion, based on the needs and demographics of your workforce. At EBMS, we specialize in flexible, customizable plans. We’ll never force you into a mold that doesn’t fit.

Core services include:

  • Basic utilization management and case management
    Help members use health services effectively
  • Online wellness tools
    Increase consumer engagement

Enhanced services include:

  • Intensified disease management and case management
    Guide the most frequent users of care toward high-value interventions. Systematically manage chronic conditions in populations of high-risk, high-cost patients
  • Telemedicine
    Improve after-hours access to care through a video link
  • Wellness coaching / wellness programs
    Encourage healthy lifestyles

Premium services include:

  • On-site (or near-site) primary-care clinic
    Bring primary care right to the workplace

A la carte services include:

  • Maternity management
  • Annual health-risk assessments
  • Tobacco cessation programs
  • Nurse call line

miCare Benefits

  • On-Site or
    Near-Site Clinics
  • Telemedicine
  • Wellness Coaching
    and Programs
  • Targeted

On-Site or Near-Site Clinics

When you partner with EBMS to manage a primary-care clinic at (or near) your workplace, you improve member health by eliminating traditional barriers to care. You can also expect decreased absenteeism, which contributes to a more productive and engaged workforce.

Learn more about miCare clinics

EBMS on-site miCare Health Center clinics benefit plan healthcare


Members can consult with a board-certified physician by phone or online via a video link, to receive medical care—and even prescriptions—for minor acute conditions. This not only expands access to care, but comes at a lower cost than in-person office visits.

EBMS miCare telemedicine benefit plan healthcare services

Wellness Coaching & Programs

An on-site wellness program can contribute to cost savings by educating members about healthy behaviors and reducing the incidence of risky behaviors. When you take it a step further with individualized wellness coaching, members are even more likely to reach health goals—and to experience increased employee satisfaction.

EBMS benefit plan wellness coaching and programs miCare

Targeted Outreach

Our a la carte services can improve the health of targeted populations within your workforce. For example, maternity-care services can manage costs for expectant mothers and help to moderate expenses associated with high-risk pregnancies. Tobacco cessation programs can contain total plan costs by lowering the risk of cancer, stroke, heart disease, and peripheral artery disease.

EBMS benefit plan targeted outreach healthcare


If you have questions, please give us a call!


Case, Disease, and
Utilization Management

One of our most effective cost-containment strategies is to provide case management and utilization management as a core service of every plan. The goal is to monitor claims for patterns of waste, including unnecessary care, duplicated tests, or deviations from standards of care.

In populations of medically complex members, we can intensify case-management services. We can also add disease-management programs for conditions like diabetes and asthma, to direct members toward high-value care.

How does disease management
contain costs?

Targeted programs can:

  • Improve overall health to reduce the use of health services
  • Prevent avoidable complications of chronic illness
  • Reduce costly hospitalizations and ER visits

EBMS miCare medical services diagnosis doctor provider healthcare benefit plan case management

How Do I Get Started?

If you’re interested in adding solutions that expand access to care while containing costs, just give us a call! We’ll look at your current plan and help you determine which services – telemedicine, an on-site/near-site primary-care clinic, or disease management programs – are best suited for your workforce. After you decide how you want to modify your plan, we’ll make your vision a reality.

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