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industry revolution?

Too long. It’s been too long that plan costs go up for everyone—employers and employees. EBMS is a third-party administrator of self-funded, customized plans that can cut costs by up to 25% and stop the upward spend trend.

Times are changing.

Top 13 Ways to Cut Plan Costs

Employers are always looking for areas to cut costs. EBMS’s strategists put together the top 13 most effective ways to cut plan costs and trend plan spend downward for both employers and members.

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We’re in the business of improving lives,
every day.

With health costs rising at double the rate of inflation, individuals and organizations are seeking greater value for every dollar they spend on healthcare. We are delivering that value by improving access to care while we simultaneously contain costs.

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Whichever benefit journey
you’re on, we make it easy for you


We strive to give you a frustration-free experience by resolving your issues in one phone call. Your plan and claims info are always at your fingertips, via web and mobile app. And we’re committed to programs that help you reduce out-of-pocket costs and choose high-quality healthcare providers.

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Employers and Plan Sponsors

Our customizable plans allow you keep up with an evolving workforce. We’re able to mitigate costs without cutting services, so your plan becomes a business strategy. And by increasing access to care, we increase member satisfaction so your plan becomes a retention strategy.

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EBMS health benefit solutions for brokers members sponsors

We are continuously disrupting the industry with solutions that bring results. From claims processing to care management programs to business intelligence, we have you covered. Our core solutions are designed to simplify the benefit journey for all stakeholders. We also offer multiple levels of service within every solution category, for a truly customizable experience.

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Three core goals that drive
everything we do…

Our mission is clear. By focusing on these three key elements, we’re changing the way employer and plan-sponsored benefit plans are purchased and delivered.

Improve Care

Improve the care experience for member well-being

Reduce Costs

Contain costs for organizational well-being

Make It Easy

Simplify the benefit journey for everyone’s well-being

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