Our New Broker Portal Goes Live

January 22nd, 2019

Calling all brokers!

Last year, EBMS set out on a mission to do major technology upgrades. The new miBenefits portal played a leading role in that production, with expanded functionality for both plan sponsors and members. Now we’re ready to introduce the broker portal. (We are piloting this portal with a select group of brokers, so it’s not a full rollout quite yet. But stay tuned!)

Here’s what you can expect.

A dynamic home screen with quick links across the top and side menus.

• View a summary of your entire book of business – or use the pull-down menu to choose a single client.
• Customize your notifications for key events with your clients – including high-dollar claims, appeals, and specific deductible events.
• Keep a close eye on stop-loss totals.
• View census information and total spend by category.

Additionally, you can:

• Manage which clients each broker within the firm can view.
• Manage content for your clients’ portals by adding links or ads.

You’ll enjoy full transparency into the claims process. Set the parameters for the claims you want to view, according to client, location, date, or a specific member.

Gain a powerful look at stop-loss information. You can set parameters by member, by group, or your entire book of business.

• Monitor specific deductible status.
• Ensure proper reimbursement by the stop-loss carrier.