Mobile Apps Enhance the Customer Experience

January 22nd, 2019

In this digital era, people want the immediate satisfaction of information at their fingertips. They want access to data instantly, whether it’s to check their calendars, check an email, bank accounts or check facts. EBMS is launching their miBenefits portal mobile app for just this reason. Customers can connect to their benefits anytime and anywhere to see real-time claims processing, deductible balance or request a new card. That is just a small part of what members can do with their benefit plan at their fingertips.

Consumers also show preferences for accessing data through specialized mobile apps rather than through mobile web browsers. A 2017 report by the consulting firm Capgemini highlighted as an insurance industry trend the increasing use of digital and mobile technologies to improve the customer experience. There are several reasons why health insurance customers might find a mobile app appealing, to help them navigate coverage and benefits and EBMS has tapped into this leading trend to the benefit of their customers.

Personalized experiences.

An app can offer tailored communications about a benefit plan and give instant information and this is EBMS’ mission, to let the customer have information pertaining to them anytime, anywhere.

Instant notifications

Apps can provide effective messaging. For example, let’s say an action is required from a plan member. A push notification can alert users of that fact and direct them to open the app for complete information. EBMS’ miBenefits app provides notifications updating the customer on claims, deductible and stop loss, so the customer feels updated and a participant in their health care, rather than left in the dark.

Efficiency and ease of use

A dedicated app can provide a better user experience. A well-designed app is easy to navigate, with streamlined menus and minimal clicks required. EBMS knows members want their own or their family’s data fast and in real-time. They want knowledge and want to be able to access information not only quickly, but efficiently with little effort and confusion in the process. EBMS’ mobile app has been designed with that in mind; in fact, it’s one of their key pillars in their mission.

In keeping with this methodology, EBMS has developed a mobile strategy that allows busy consumers to better manage a benefit plan while on the go in the way that our culture has become accustomed to.

“We’ve focused our resources on developing a mobile product that aligns with our identity and goals,” says EBMS Chief Executive Officer James Vertino. “That includes our emphasis on simplifying the benefits journey for all stakeholders. So we’ve essentially taken all the functionality of the miBenefits online portal and translated it into a format that works well on the smaller screen. It’s all about delivering plan information in the format people prefer to use.”

The EBMS miBenefits app launches in February and will be available for both Apple and Android devices.