Automation Makes Open Enrollment a Breeze

October 9th, 2018

EBMS customers will find that enrollment tasks have become much faster and more efficient. As part of our investment in technology upgrades this year, we’ve implemented an innovative, fully automated online enrollment system, which plan sponsors and members can access through the miBenefits portal. The new systems simplifies both the seasonal open enrollment period and ongoing enrollment due to qualifying life changes.

Today, with full automation, most functions can be processed in less than 60 seconds—because the system uses a rules engine to present employees with only the choices they qualify for. When members add a dependent or have a life change like a divorce or adoption, the system steps them through the entire process of managing dependents, adjusting the coverage tier, and modifying contributions to health savings accounts.

Other advantages include:

Greater visibility and transparency. From the member’s point of view, the online experience includes more explanation and detail. The enrollee is stepped through the enrollment process, screen by screen. And if there is a choice between different plans, members can compare them side by side. “It’s becoming more common for employers to offer more than one plan,” points out Julie Vaskey, EBMS director of configuration. “Many companies are adding a high-deductible option, along with the traditional PPO, because they’re so popular with younger employees.” This greater visibility translates into fewer members going to the HR office with questions.

Streamlined processes. We can now administer open enrollment for solutions from other vendors, including dental, vision, life, disability, and the various financial accounts. Members can sign up for everything through the miBenefits portal and can view all benefit options in one place. The system communicates electronically with other insurance carriers to seamlessly complete enrollment.

Increased efficiency. Those who manage benefits enrollment can now track the entire process. Through the miBenefits portal, they can monitor how many employees have completed enrollment and can send out automated email reminders to those who have not. This time-savings can free up HR people to work on other projects.

Member satisfaction. With streamlined processes and greater visibility of plan details, members can more fully understand their options and make more informed choices. The experience feels more personalized, and the messaging is more consistent. This improved level of service builds employee loyalty and satisfaction.

Reduced costs. With fully automated open enrollment capabilities, you get all the advantages of paperless transactions. You can virtually eliminate paper forms, thick packets, and time spent on data entry. Automation helps ensure accuracy, so you eliminate costs associated with correcting errors.

If you have any questions or concerns about the open enrollment process, please get in touch with your account manager. We want your open enrollment period to be a smashing success this year!