Community Connections

The whole thrives when each of its integral parts is moving in an equal and shared equilibrium with each other. This is the Benefit of Balance.

Making a Difference

EBMS’ commitment to community is far-reaching in philanthropic efforts that focus especially on health, education, the arts, children’s causes, and in strengthening the overall wellbeing of individuals, families, organizations, and communities. EBMS gives time off to employees so they can contribute volunteer efforts within their communities in areas about which they are passionate. EBMS sponsors and participates in numerous public events where employees dedicate their time and talents to organize and volunteer as a group, adding to the goodwill of the community while fostering a company-wide spirit of camaraderie for the shared public good.


Building Bridges

To affect the health and wellbeing of communities, we first must improve the wellbeing of the foundation: the citizens of our cities, and the organizations in which they work.

Is your organization making a difference in your community? EBMS seeks to partner with difference-makers across the country in an effort to bring our philanthropic efforts in line with community needs. Please download our application and criteria for support, below, to let us know if there is a way that EBMS can help with your efforts:

Application and Criteria for EBMS Donations and Sponsorships


“The Larson family gave, through philanthropy and volunteerism, the resources that allowed us to open the new addition to the Ronald McDonald House to ensure that more than 600 families each year would have lodging while their child was in the hospital. Connie Grammens, Executive Director, Billings Ronald McDonald House