Don't settle for a relationship that was designed for someone else.

How a product or service benefits you varies, based on your position in the organization, role in the industry, or individual lifestyle preferences. Knowing how each person's environment and responsibilities impact the level of value they expect to receive, it would be foolish of us to talk about benefits as if they apply to everyone the same way. So, we don't. At EBMS, everything we do is individualized and customized, including the list of benefits we provide to our key partners:


What can we do for you?

“EBMS has the uncanny ability to predict future trends in healthcare and provides valuable solutions through expertly designed services and technology.” Regional Sales Director, Stop Loss Carrier

As a broker, you have a responsibility to connect your clients with a reputable partner that builds client discovery into every interaction; and, from that information, designs holistic, customized solutions that best suits the client, and contribute to the enhancement of the organization.

We understand your challenges and are committed to bringing innovative solutions and added value for you and your clients. Through our process-driven approach, EBMS can support your work with dedicated resources:

  • Access to experts in claims administration, value-added plan designs, self-insuring, stop loss, and care management.
  • Cutting-edge programs and technology to assist in their oversight of the client’s health plan assets.
  • A team of legal experts to keep you updated on the latest legislative impacts and trends for your clients’ health plans.
  • Sophisticated, detailed, and user-friendly reporting so you can service your client with analysis and recommendations based on current data mined from our claims system.

As a CFO, you desire a partner that will help manage risk, mitigate annual healthcare expenses, and assist your organization with financial record-keeping and reporting requirements. EBMS’ integrated approach to cost containment employs a series of claims-management tactics, with robust analytics and total health management by medical professionals, to ensure early identification and effective management of potential high-dollar cases.

Reporting tools and data analytics provide you with a comprehensive financial view of your entire health plan, and also provide a prospective look for future high-dollar claims. This can help with decision-making, benefit design, programs and incentives to ensure your workforce is getting the right care at the right time. Our end-goal is to form a collaborative partnership with you to maximize health outcomes, and minimize the cost to your Plan.

Some of the benefits you’ll find from a partnership with EBMS include:

  • Aggressive fee negotiations on DME, Home Health, pharmaceuticals, hospitals and physician services
  • Account set-up; electronic check registers; electronic, consolidated billing; account reconciliation
  • 5500 preparation; responding to tax problems/questions; W-2 preparation;
  • Comprehensive reporting tools such as monthly ‘standard’ reports, client-specific reports, or ad hoc reports available through EBMS reports manager

As the chief executive at your organization, you will benefit from a workforce that is engaged and enjoys strong wellbeing in all areas of their lives. Whether it’s because of poor physical or mental health, we all know that employees who don’t show up, or give their best efforts, erode productivity and cost organizations millions of dollars. Similarly, we have a keen appreciation for those employees who are thriving, using their talents each day, and who are engaged in the workplace, resulting in a higher level of engagement with their co-workers, the creation of new ideas, as well as enhanced customer engagement. These employees also are engaged in their own health improvement. They take proactive steps for prevention, managing any areas of concern; and, with this, they can save your organization money that then can be spent in other areas organizational improvement. For some companies, that could mean millions of dollars. Simply put, individual and organizational health can be measured, managed, and quantified, and EBMS is the company to help you do this.

We understand your job often runs the entire gamut: from managing a benefits plan to hiring/retaining top talent and addressing workforce performance. The biggest benefit we provide you is stellar communications support related to your benefits plans, and outstanding service for your members. EBMS’ dedicated team of experts, along with a variety of web-based and telephonic tools, are focused on delivering proactive, superior service to you and your members:

  • A dedicated account manager assigned to ensure smooth implementation and ongoing support for overall management needs
  • A dedicated nurse and health coaches for member education, and support for members, with effective management of chronic conditions and promotion of healthy lifestyles
  • 24/7 online benefits, eligibility and claims portal for Plan administrators, HR support staff for administrative efficiencies and reporting
  • Direct access to a claims examiner for members’ claims consulting
  • Legislative/compliance assistance to ensure your health plan meets all federal requirements
  • Happier, healthier employees, allowing you more time to focus on your daily workload
  • Dedicated toll-free number for your group
  • Web-based Client Reporting Services for ongoing management of Plan
  • Ongoing communication and client site visits* with dedicated account manager (*frequency set by client)

One Call, That’s All. When you or your loved ones have questions about your benefit plan or a specific claim, the last thing you want to hear is that you’ll have to make additional calls to your provider or other organizations. When you call us, we provide all answers to your questions and make the necessary calls for you to resolve your problems within that one call. A commitment to service is a guarantee, not an option. We also provide:

  • Nurse support for inpatient admission or critical illness
  • Health coaches and medical staff support for chronic conditions and/or to develop a healthy lifestyle
  • Nurse support for inpatient admission or critical illness
  • Health coaches and medical staff support for chronic conditions and/or to develop a healthy lifestyle
  • 24/7 online access to all benefits, claims and healthcare resource information to help you learn what your health plan will cover, identify whether a claim was paid, view accumulator information for deductibles, Flex or HSA accounts, or perform simple tasks such as request an ID card, submit requested documentation to EBMS in order to process a claim, etc.
  • Benefits and heath resource communications (available in your personal miBenefits account and through your Health Plan or employer)
  • Online chat with knowledgeable, friendly Client Service Representatives (when you login to miBenefits)

As a partner provider, you now have a dedicated team of EBMS specialists to support you. The team works closely with you to share data and to assist in the improvement of cost and quality of care. Other immediate benefits include:

  • Assistance with coordination for inpatient admission authorizations
  • Access to a UR nurse or case manager for questions related to patients’ hospital admission or plan of care authorizations
  • Contracting assistance to join a group’s select PPO network
  • 24/7 online access to patients’ eligibility, benefits and claims status
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Ongoing maintenance of provider data to ensure timely, accurate payment