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Time Sensitive Note to Providers:

ICD-10, Are you ready to submit your claims on October 1, 2015?

Any claims with dates of service October 1, 2015 and after must contain ICD-10 diagnosis and/or procedure codes, rather than ICD-9 codes. It is very important that you have contacted your vendor to ensure that your software can include these codes in your electronic claims. Additionally, services performed October 1, 2015 and after cannot be submitted on the same claim as services performed on or prior to September 30, 2015. These services must be split onto separate claims so the appropriate diagnosis coding method can be used. These rules also apply to claims submitted manually to EBMS.

For assistance with the cross walk between the current ICD-9 codes and the new ICD-10 codes, EBMS encourages you to review resources made available through CMS and Medicare administrators, AAPC and the Medical Billing Association.

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